Hi I’m Luke Temple,

I have been lucky enough to work in the film and TV industry for over 15 years. My journey has taken me to some incredible places and had me working (I call it work, but is it really when it’s a love and passion?) In all sorts of environments with some of the most famous people on the planet.

I started in 1998, alongside my mother who in her prime was an incredible and well known Hair and Make up artist. At Capital radios Hyde Park event ‘Party in the Park’. I was young at this point but absolutely loved everything about production and spending time with fantastic celebrities. In the first-year our key roles were simply to make sure all the artists, of which there were many, were happily looked after and all there hair, make up and wardrobe needs met. I steamed my way into oblivion at that first event and loved every minute. We got very lucky to be at the forefront of large outdoor productions and earned a reputation for hard work and a good eye.

I soon got asked for advice and wardrobe needs from many top artists at this event. Including Tom Jones, Alamos Morisette, Gary Barlow and the All Saints. Realising I was on the right path I pursued this career and am still on the case today: For me the current highlights are: Working with Michael Jackson at the World Music awards. Looking after and styling the Darkness at the Brit Awards were they took 7 awards. Being Christina Agueliars chaperone and costume advisor at Party in the park 2000. Working at Live 8 and mixing and helping the greatest musicians and world leaders at this incredible convert. Helping both Prince Harry and Prince William at the Princess Diana Memorial concert. Working in Thailand on the impossible. Volunteering at Prince Harry’s invictus games concert and sharing a beer and talking fashion of all thinks with Dave Grohl.

I have been lucky enough to continue this trend and have helped on many more huge indoor and outdoor events. This background has set me up for a great career in fashion & styling for TV and film. I have worked on a few films and it was something I would have loved to have pursued more. Namely The Impossible, Evita and 101 Dalmatians I have however put most of my focus into TV shows and more recently commercials and you can see on my clients page the companies I have worked with and continue to do so. Commercials is where I spend alot of my focus now and my portfolio page showcases alot of the work I have done recently (within the last two years) for various brands and companies.

I pride myself on being a member of a team, being able to achieve the look that the director wants and sourcing with the highest quality the fashion required for his vision. I achieve this whilst also offering my insight into the lastest trends and any advise for the particular job at hand through extensive research into periods and decades where required. I also have a list of contacts as long as your arm to find more obscure items, be they props or clothes that are rares and one of a kinds. I have a unique ability to find and get items others can’t. I actually use this ability as a sideline to a few stars as what I call a fashion sourcer. I get excited by projects big or small and still have the same passion today as I did all those years ago.

I really hope you like my style and please contact me with any questions or work you may have. Look forward to working with you. 

Luke Temple – Creative stylist